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80g/M2 Fire Resistance Aluminium Door Fly Screen High Reliability

80g/M2 Fire Resistance Aluminium Door Fly Screen High Reliability

fire resistance aluminium door fly screen

high reliability aluminium door fly screen

aluminium fly screen 80g/m2

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Alumimium Insect Screen

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Product Details
Fire Resistance:
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Corrosion Resistance:
Insect Screen
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Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
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Delivery Time
15-20 days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
Product Description

Product Description:

Aluminium Fly Screens: Protecting Your Space While Promoting Fresh Air

An aluminium fly screen is a must-have for any building, offering protection against pesky insects and promoting natural ventilation. Made from durable aluminium mesh, these screens are built to last and are resistant to rust and corrosion. They are easy to maintain, making them an ideal choice for busy individuals.

These screens can be mounted in windows or doors, making them versatile for any space. They are available in different mesh sizes to cater to specific needs and preferences. This makes them suitable for a variety of settings including homes, commercial buildings, restaurants, cafes, and more.

What makes aluminium fly screens stand out from others is their cost-effectiveness. They are a budget-friendly option that doesn't compromise on quality. Plus, they are environmentally friendly by promoting natural ventilation, reducing the need for air conditioning and saving energy.

80g/M2 Fire Resistance Aluminium Door Fly Screen High Reliability 0




  • Aluminium insect screens offer a range of benefits to homeowners looking for a reliable option.
  • They are lightweight, making them easy to handle and move around when necessary.
  • These screens are also incredibly durable, able to withstand exposure to the elements without showing wear and tear.
  • One of the biggest advantages of aluminium insect screens is their rust-resistant properties, making them a popular choice in coastal areas.
  • Moreover, they are relatively inexpensive compared to other options and can be easily cut and installed.




  • Despite their rust-resistant properties, aluminium insect screens can still corrode over time, especially in harsh weather conditions such as heavy rainfall or extreme temperatures.
  • They are also susceptible to damage from heavy impacts, causing them to dent or bend easily.



Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameters Value
Product Name Aluminium Insect Screen
Alternative Name Aluminium Fly Screen, Aluminium Insect Mesh, Aluminium Fly Screen Mesh
Weather Resistance Yes
Weight 80g/m2
Size Customizable
Type Insect Screen
Installation Easy
Corrosion Resistance Yes
Maintenance Low
Wire Diameter 0.28mm
Durability High
Application Windows, Doors, Porches


Aluminium insect screens are a practical choice for keeping midges at bay. Specifically designed to prevent smaller flying insects, such as midges, from entering through the mesh, it is important to carefully consider the size of the openings when selecting a midge mesh. Compared to regular insect screens, midge mesh is made of a finer material and has significantly smaller openings, usually measuring 1.5 mm or less. This is crucial in effectively blocking midges and other tiny insects from entering your space, making midge mesh a highly effective solution for keeping your home bug-free.

When comparing midge mesh to regular insect screens, the key difference lies in the size of the mesh openings. While regular insect screens typically have openings of 1.8 mm or larger, midge mesh boasts a finer mesh with much smaller openings. This allows for a more effective barrier against midges and other small insects, ensuring that your space remains free from pesky intruders.



Customized Services for Huili Aluminium Insect Screen
  • Brand Name: Huili
  • Model Number: Aluminium Insect Screen
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Certification: CE, SGS
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 2000sqms
  • Price: 0.9-2 USD/sqm
  • Packaging Details: Carton
  • Delivery Time: 15-20 days
  • Payment Terms: TT, DP, LC
  • Supply Ability: 70000sqms/month
  • Fire Resistance: Yes
  • Application: Windows, Doors, Porches
  • Type: Insect Screen
  • Color: Silver
  • Wire Diameter: 0.28mm

At Huili, we offer customized services for our Aluminium Insect Screen to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our high-quality product is known for its durability and effectiveness in keeping out insects and pests. With our extensive experience and expertise in the industry, we ensure that our customers receive the best possible solutions for their screening needs.

Key Features:

  • Also known as Aluminium Mosquito Netting, Aluminium Anti-Insect Screen, and Aluminium Fly Screen
  • Made of high-quality aluminium material
  • Fire resistant
  • Suitable for use in windows, doors, and porches
  • Available in a sleek silver color
  • Wire diameter of 0.28mm

With our CE and SGS certifications, customers can trust the quality and reliability of our Aluminium Insect Screen. Our minimum order quantity is 2000sqms, and we offer a competitive price range of 0.9-2 USD/sqm. Our packaging is done in durable cartons, and we ensure timely delivery within 15-20 days. Customers can choose from various payment options such as TT, DP, and LC.

Our supply ability is 70000sqms per month, making us capable of handling large orders and meeting the demands of our customers. We understand the importance of customization and offer tailored solutions to cater to different requirements and preferences. Trust Huili for all your Aluminium Insect Screen needs and enjoy a pest-free home or workplace with our reliable and durable product.


Packing and Shipping:

Aluminium Insect Screen Packaging and Shipping

Our Aluminium Insect Screen product is carefully packaged and shipped to ensure its safe arrival and protection during transportation.

  • The Aluminium Insect Screen is first wrapped in a layer of protective plastic to prevent scratches and damage during handling.
  • It is then placed in a sturdy cardboard box, which is sealed with tape to keep the product in place.
  • Additional cushioning material is added to the box to provide extra protection during transit.
  • The box is labeled with the product name, dimensions, and weight for easy identification.

We offer both domestic and international shipping options for our Aluminium Insect Screen product.

  • For domestic shipping, we use trusted carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS to ensure timely and reliable delivery.
  • For international shipping, we work with various freight forwarding companies to ship our product to customers all over the world.
  • We carefully track all shipments and provide customers with a tracking number for their convenience.
  • We also offer expedited shipping options for urgent orders, at an additional cost.

At Aluminium Insect Screen, we take great care in packaging and shipping our product to ensure that it arrives to our customers in perfect condition. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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