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Fiberglass Mosquito Net


Latest company news about Fiberglass Mosquito Net

Fiberglass Mosquito Net


Accelerating mosquito menace along with health hazards created by them has made it mandatory for individuals to look for effective mosquito repellent solutions. There are numerous kinds of products obtainable from the market, but most of them may pose severe health dangers. We, therefore, present to our valued customers with completely safe and effective with our Fiberglass Mosquito Nets.

These are insect screen manufactured with premium grade PVC-coated fiber glass that also safeguards users from harmful UV radiations. With a tensile strength equivalent to metal wire of similar dimension, it is one of the long-lasting and high-performing netting solutions available at present.

You can avail these Nets from us in different colors, sizes, and patterns. These nets are adaptable to changes and therefore we can supply you with products that best caters your requirements. Whether you are looking for protection only from mosquitoes or you also wish to safeguard your buildings from damages caused by birds, we can eventually provide you with the best solutions and assistance for this.


Features of Fiberglass Mosquito Nets


• Safe and Soft – If you are afraid that these nets can harm your skin, then you don’t have to. It is because the nets are crafted with the use of advanced state of art technology that makes its overall construction robust yet soft on skin. These nets or screens are completely safe on skin and does not lead to any unpleasing result.


• Corrosion and Water Resistance – Another excellent feature of these nets is that they do not get corrode even after long years of use. The nets are waterproof and, therefore, do not tear off as well. They are highly functional elements that deliver long-lasting usability to users.


• Tough and durable – Since we manufacture our mosquito nets by chemically compressing PVC coated fiber glass yarn, so the resulting screen sheets possess excellent toughness and durability. They offer adequate protection effectively over an extended lifespan.


• UV stabilized – The screens are made with UV stabilized polymers. For this reason, they provide complete protection from UV rays and damages caused by it.


• Easy maintenance – The nets are not only easy to install but are also very much convenient to maintain. These can be cleaned easily, does not get damaged, and offer brilliant performance against all kinds of mosquitoes and insects. You, therefore, don’t have to spend much money once you get these nets installed.


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